Setting up and Logging on


In this section we will cover:

  • The EesySoft application structure and how it works
  • Technical requirements for running the EesySoft application
  • The EesySoft Building Block, EesyProducer and EesySoft Web Application
  • User accounts and resetting passwords


Our SaaS solution works by the installation of our Building Block within your LMS environment. The Building Block contains JavaScript code (comparable to the tracking code of Google Analytics). When users login to your LMS application, this JavaScript code references a JavaScript file which then executes the tracking operation for EesySoft. The tracking operation retrieves data about user interaction with the system and sends this information via a SSL connection to the EesySoft server. From the data collected we generate the reports.
EesySoft comes in 3 modules. They work the best together but you can get lots out of each one on their own too. They are:

A suite of reports for you to analyze the activity in your LMS. You can tailor these reports to your needs, compare across users and courses, and set up Campaigns to track the success of training and promotional activities.

Get communicating with your users more effectively with in-application proactive messages and Help Items. Popups, hints, videos, even personalizing your communications all helps to keep your users informed and happy.

Your very own bespoke Support Center with lots of handy Blackboard information as well as the capacity to add your own content. Our Support Reports enable you to see how your Support Center is being used and how well it’s content is being received.  You can also route and track Support Requests through to the relevant members of your Support Team.


Our application, like us, is Eesy to work with!

  • Our software is compatible with all mobile devices and supports all browser types.
  • We support all Blackboard versions from v.9.0 SP5.

And that’s it! There are no further software or hardware requirements in order to run our application. Now you know your tech is up to par, let’s get EesySoft up and running!

In order to start making use of all these amazing features, the following setup is required:

  • Install the EesySoft Building Block to connect EesySoft to your LMS.
  • Install the EesyProducer to enable setup and maintenance of your EesySoft Support Center and EesyReports structure, create new Monitors and define Support Request Contact Options.
  • Log onto the EesySoft web application to view Reports, create and maintain Proactive messages, Help Items, and Campaigns.


In order for EesySoft to interface with and collect information from your LMS environment, you must install our Building Block on your LMS. We will provide you with a link to download the latest Building Block as part of your setup pack.

If you are currently on a Building Block past version 2.2.540, you do not need to install the new building block. We keep all of our release notes on our website on the Release Information page. There you will find the latest Building Block version.

The Building Block contains settings which govern how you want our software to work for you.
Follow the steps below to access the EesySoft Building Block from your Blackboard application:

1. Open up your Blackboard Production environment and log on as an Administrator.
Click on the System Admin menu option in the top right of the window and select the Building Blocks link.

2. Click on Installed Tools and scroll down the list to find the EesySoft Connector. Use the down arrow dropdown menu next to the EesySoft Selector to click on Settings.

3. Now you can view and update the setup of the EesySoft Building Block.

EesySoft Base: This is the URL of the EesySoft instance you wish to connect to your LMS instance. Your EesySoft URLs will be provided to you by us and usually takes the following formats:

  • Production:
  • Staging:

If you are not sure of your EesySoft Base URL, please get in touch.
EesySoft Encryption: You will receive 2 encryption keys from us, one for your Production environment and one for your Staging environment. These act like a password to confirm the EesySoft Base URL above.
EesySoft Support Tab: If you have the EesySupport module, check this box to enable the Support Center in your LMS.
Force Support Tab for Specific Roles: If you wish your Support Center to be available for only specific users, you can enter the relevant Roles here.
Roles based on Institutional Hierarchy: If you use an Institutional Hierarchy structure in your LMS, this will enable our system to replicate those Roles for your reporting needs. If you do not use an Institutional Hierarchy in your LMS, leave this box unchecked.
Roles based on Institutional Course Hierarchy: If you use an Institutional Course Hierarchy structure in your LMS, this will enable our system to replicate those Roles for your reporting needs. If you do not use an Institutional Course Hierarchy in your LMS, leave this box unchecked.
Only Transfer Non personal Information (PK_ID): For Data Protection purposes, you can check this box to ensure user information is not provided in reports and downloads. Please note, if you select this, the data from the reports will not be actionable.
Data Synchronization: In order for data relating to Courses to be synchronized and immediately available in the Course Activity Report, this must be set to On.

HTTP Proxy: If you use a Proxy server, add the information here.

Once you have the Building Block set up the way you want, click on the Submit button on the top right of the page, or click Cancel to exit out of the Building Block and retain it’s original settings.


Although we provide a whole lot of setup to get you going, there is always going to be something you want to do more or differently. The EesyProducer enables creation and maintenance of various aspects of our application so you can set things up to suit your specific needs.

Find the following in the EesyProducer:

  • Create and maintain Reporting Templates
  • Create and maintain the EesySoft Support Center
    • Add and remove Support Center Content
    • Maintain the topic structure of the Support Center
    • Set up Support Request Contact Options and information

  • Capture a Context in your LMS on which you want to report or connect a message
  • Reset visibility of proactive messages for specific users
  • Define groupings of User Groups and Roles into Role Categories for reporting

The EesyProducer must be installed locally. We keep all of our release notes on our website on the Release Information page. There you will find information on the latest EesyProducer version.

When setting up, we will provide you with the latest version of the EesyProducer for download. Whenever a new version is available, we will inform you by email. You will also be prompted to download the latest Producer version when you log in to an older version. In this way, you are always up-to-date with our latest features.

If you have already downloaded the EesyProducer but are not sure what version you have, you can check by opening the login box. You will see the version number in the footer.

Follow the steps below to install the EesyProducer:

1. You will receive an email from us with a link to download the EesyProducer. Please ensure everyone that should have access to the Producer is provided with this link.

Once you have opened and run the .exe, the EesyProducer will be installed on your C drive. You can open it from here or create a shortcut on your Desktop.

2. When logging into the EesyProducer, don’t forget to check that you are logging into the correct environment for your purposes:

  • Production:
  • Staging:

Now simply log on to get started!


The EesySoft web application is your day-to-day application for reporting, creation of proactive messages and Help Items, managing Campaigns and reviewing user Support requirements.
To open up the EesySoft web application and get started, enter the following url into any browser:

  • Production:
  • Staging:

Now simply log on to get started!
You will be automatically directed to the EesySoft Dashboard. From here, you can select reports or create Content for use in your LMS. A full menu is also available on the left side of the window. Hover over the orange bar to expand it.


Although our application has 3 parts, getting into each of them only requires one username and password.
We create your user accounts for you. If you need a new user account, want to remove an old user account or you’ve forgotten your password, just let us know. Usernames start with exp_ and are for expert users or administrators. Keep these secret and for your use only.

Your password does not have a validity limit. You don’t have to come up with something new every 3 months! But, if you want, you can change your password on the EesySoft Administration page.

With such great information available in the reports, it is also possible for you to enable your Faculty to share the joy! There are 2 ways of doing this depending on how much you want to share!

Share all the EesySoft Reports with Instructors through the EesySoft Support Center

In order to set this up, please get in touch with us and let us know that you would like to use this functionality. We can then enable it for you.

Once enabled, Instructors will see a link at the bottom of the Support Center window which will direct them to the EesySoft web application Dashboard.

Share the Course Activity Report with Instructors through your LMS Course pages

The Course Activity Report can be made available on a course level from the Evaluation menu in your LMS. In this way, instructors can review activity at a user level for the current course to identify at-risk students.
To enable this functionality, you must have:

  • Version 2.3.51 or higher of the EesySoft Building Block
  • In the Building Block, Data Synchronisation must be switched to On

Now, log into your LMS as an Administrator and navigate to the System Admin page, the Tools and Utilities section and click on the Tools link.
Find the EesySoft Connector in the list and change the EesySoft Course Reports setting to On.