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Configuring the EesySoft Integration for the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience

How to configure the EesySoft integration in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience

Getting Started

  1. Log in to your Blackboard learn Ultra account and navigate to the Admin Panel in Blackboard Learn Ultra and select LTI Tool Providers
  2. Click on Register Provider Domain 
  3. In the Provider Domain field add your unique EesySoft URL (eg. university.eesysoft.com) and ensure that the Default Configuration is checked as Set separately for each link


4. Once saved, open up options for the provider you just created and select Manage Placements 

5. For the placement you'll need the following information:

    1. Handle and Label can be anything you'd like (e.g. eesysoft)
    2. Availability: Yes
    3. Type: Ultra extension
    4. Tool Provider URL is your specific provider's url
      (e.g. https://university.eesysoft.com/rest/bbultra/lti-launch)
    5. Tool Provider Key: some-key-from-provider
    6. Tool Provider Secret: some-secret-from-provider
    7. Tool Provider Custom Parameters is your specific provider's secret (e.g.


6. Go back to Admin Panel page and select Rest API Integrations
7. Click on Create Integration
8. For the integration you'll need the following information:

    1. Application ID: ID provided by EesySoft
    2. Learn User: this should be a user with a minimum set of privileges.
    3. End User Access: Yes
    4. Authorized To Act As User: Yes


9. Go back to the Admin Panel page and select Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
10. Click on Create Configuration
11. Add these values:

    1. Origin: (e.g. https://university.eesysoft.com)
    2. Available: Yes

12. Submit changes 


If you have any additional question please feel free to contact us via support@eesysoft.com